Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Passed It On

So you know how I was so sick on Sunday? Yeah, well I accidentally passed it on to my husband. Which I was so hoping not to do. But like the good husband ur is he's at work. At work throwing up a lot and being told to sit down by one of the women that he supervises. Who is also the woman who has Ray (one of the kittens) She's a nice lady. I guess my hubby is looking quite pale, which I'm sure is true. You can't throw up that many times and have your normal coloring. Anyways I feel bad about giving it to him. He's even sicker than I was. Hope his goes away soon! Please say a prayer for him. Thanks.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Don't Worry I Didn't Die

Sorry readers! It's been a while since I've been on here. Life has been busy, not exactly abnormally busy, just busy.

Update on the possible job for Miles: Not going to happen at the time. But he's going to keep trying. We need for him to have a job in town, our town, not 30 minutes away.

We have a new cat.. not sure if I posted about her already. I probably have. Her name is Safari. Safari received her first shots and on the 12th she will be receiving her 2nd booster shots, be getting fixed, and declawed. Hopefully everything will go smoother with her than it did with Toots. That pick-up day was crazy.

Toots has healed up nicely and is even playing with Safari from time to time. Her fur is very slowly growing back from where they shaved her.

I started watching The Vampire Dairies and I'm hooked. I'm on the last episode and so very sad about it. Hopefully they didn't up and cancel this series like they do with all the ones I've started to like. That would upset me greatly!

On Sunday at 2 a.m. I woke up and threw up, then again at 4 a.m., 5 a.m. and 6 a.m. Possibly even 7 a.m. can't really remember. I called my boss, then called the other girl that does the early bread shifts to see if she would take my shift, she said yes, so I called my boss back to let him know. And then I finally got some very needed sleep. I still didn't feel well yesterday, but I went to work anyways. Though Kriss, the other girl was nice enough to call and see if I was feeling well enough to work or if she needed to work for me again. Work was harder than I thought it would be, but I made it. Today I feel much better. And today is happily my day off, but tomorrow I work an early shift and I get to go in again for an afternoon shift. Yeah, I was offered a couple extra hours because we are up 20%. So that's cool.

Everyone really loves our new sectional. And we are even learning that it isn't the same one as at least one of the people that we thought had it.

I think this is all the blogging I have in me today. Hopefully I'll be able to stop by tomorrow for some more. Tah tah for now!


Friday, November 11, 2011

A Day To Hate

Well, that's exactly how I felt about the way today had been going. From the start of the day I just had a feeling that something was going to go wrong.

Today was the day that I finally got to pick up Toots from the Vet. Well, I got there and like normal told her who I was here to pick up and who I am, she added some things on the computer, and took my card to pay. After paying she went to get Toots and brought her to me, which was so exciting! She wouldn't sit still which I knew was going to be a bad thing. Once she brought me Toots she realized that they forgot to add her shots on the bill so I gave her the card so she could add that and asked if I could take Toots to the car, since she wouldn't sit still. ... Skip to leaving.

Once I was almost half way home I realized that there was blood on my hand, jacket, and on the carrier. It didn't take anytime at all for me to realize what had happened. She wasn't bleeding when we left the Vet. so I knew she'd done this to herself when she was trying to paw her way out of the carrier to me. When I finally found a place to pull over to check her paws I did, but once again she wouldn't stand still so I knew I needed help. So what did I do? I went to my moms.

While I held Toots my mom called the Vet to see what needed to be done. Since Toots wasn't dripping blood they said it should be okay and that if we wanted we could wrap up her paws for a little while. Well, we tried wrapping up her paws, which she actually stood still for, but after one flick of the paw it was off. So, I knew I couldn't put her back in the carrier, but I also knew I couldn't hold her and drive so I left my vehicle there and my step-dad took me home, my mom drove my vehicle back to me... I'm going to skip some more annoying, bad day making things...

Mom was going to be working in the office with me today so I drove us both to the office to work. I worked from 9:50a.m.-12:30p.m. when we went to lunch then from 1:30p.m.-3:00p.m. Part of which was taking a Cleaner home.

Went to Walmart to do the Bread job. That didn't take very long, which I was glad for because I couldn't wait to get back home to check on my Tootsie.

Came home to find that Toots had stopped bleeding so I held her and pet her then decided to try to let her roam around downstairs. Well, she did good for maybe 10 minutes and then she tried to jump on a chair and opened the wounds on her back feet when she landed. So back to the laundry room (where I keep her so she can't get hurt and can't ruin anything) she went.

Hopefully by tomorrow she'll stop opening up the wounds and she'll be able to roam around more. I'll definitely be moving the dining chairs so she can't hurt herself on those again. She's one of those cats who doesn't know the meaning of take it easy. She wants to run and jump just like she normally would, but of course she can't, she's a very uncoordinated cat, which isn't helping at all.

As weird as this request may sound to some of you please pray for Toots that she will heal up nicely and quickly so she can get back to her normal, everyday life. Thanks.

Oh, just incase you were wondering today is starting to get better, which I am very thankful for!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Kitty?

My husband and I may or may not have a new kitty. Yeah, I know that's not the greatest idea since we just got rid of a ton of cats. But Miles is in love with this new kitty. It's a girl, probably around 4 months old, kind of looks like an ocelot, and is a stray. It has family out there, but this looks like the runt. I wish we could take the whole family in, not to keep, but to find them a home, but this one is one of the only ones that will let you touch it.

We're going to see how things go having her here. If everything goes well and all of our cats get along then we'll keep her, but if things aren't working out and they don't get along or she's going to the bathroom on the floor instead of the litter box then we'll have to get rid of her.

Getting rid of her could mean putting her back outside with her family, which I'm against because although I want her to be with her family, I don't believe cats are meant to live outside. So that leaves us with finding her a home ourselves or taking her to the shelter. At her age and with how pretty she is the shelter would have no problem getting a home for her.

We shall see. Speaking of see, I'm sure you'd like to see a picture of her, wouldn't you? Yeah, that's what I thought. Ask and you will (possibly) receive. Lol.

This picture just doesn't do her justice.
P.S. Meet Safari. :)

First Vet Visit For Toots

Oh, yes, I'm beautiful. Lol. 

So, of course, I had to take Toots to the vet today. She had to be there at 8a.m. This was, as it says above, her first vet visit. She was so scared that she shook the whole car ride there and meowed as well. She is getting her shots, declawed (front and back), and fixed (or broken, as my step-sister would say)  So she's having a horrible first visit and not only will she be poked and cut, but she has to stay there for 2 nights. I get to pick her up Friday at 8a.m. I can't wait to see her and I wish I could stay with her, but unfortunately I can't I'll have to go to work, but at least she'll be home with her Daddy (Scooter) and Uncle (Garfield) and she'll be somewhere she knows and be able to get comfortable.

They're supposed to call me when they get everything done and she wakes up. Which I know it's only been 4 hours and they have a lot of work to do on her plus waiting on her to wake up.. I have no clue how long all that takes, but I can't wait to get the phone call so I'll know she's okay. I'm sure she will be, but I worry.

It's Finally Home..

That's right it's finally home. Any clue what I'm talking about? No, you probably don't. Our brand new sectional is home! I'm so excited! It looks great! It feels great to know it's brand new unlike all our other furniture which has been hand-me-downs or free furniture, btw there's nothing wrong with free furniture as long as it is in good condition, but there is something rewarding about buying your own brand new sectional (or whatever). And something rewarding knowing you cleaned and moved everything in the living room without the help of a man. LOL.

Now we just have to get rid of our old furniture that we aren't keeping. That one will definitely take a man. Lol.

I've had a busy morning so I feel like I'm starving. My mom and Mike are taking me out with them to McDonalds, ordering from the Dollar Menu eating cheap :) Smart thinking!

Hope you all have a good day!! Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Poor Toots

I could be an Aristocat :P
So if you don't know Toots is the kitten that we kept. She is a black cat, well, technically she's still a kitten because she's only 6 months old.She's Scooter and Lil' Bit's daughter.

 Anyways, she's never been to the vet. But today I scheduled an appointment for her for Wednesday to get shots, fixed, and declawed. She's going to have a painful couple of days. I hate that she's going to have to stay the night at the vet, but it's best just in case something goes wrong.

She has to be fixed and declawed before we get our new sectional brought over, which is perfect because we'll be making our last payment on Friday. I'm not sure when they will deliver the sectional. Could be Friday or Saturday.. Hopefully it will be a day when my hubby is home. I'm not fond of people being over when my husband isn't here. Unless they are family, then I'm okay with that.

Oh, well I can't wait to get it home!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day Light Savings Time

Okay, I admit I do see why some people would want Day Light Savings time. But it isn't necessary. The world went on with life just fine before Day Light Savings time. Things got accomplished and life was less complicated back then. So really why have it? I know of a lot of people who would be much happier if we would just never have Day Light Savings time again. I, of course, would be one of them. Why complicate life more than it already is. We're supposed to be finding ways, healthy ways, to simplify life. Day Light Savings is not simplifying anything.

If people want more sunlight or less when they wake up then they'll get up whenever suits them. We'll never all wake up at the same time. We don't want to all wake up at the same time, that would make life very boring. Plus if we were going to do that then we'd have to change our jobs to 1st and 2nd shifts only, because 3rd shift wouldn't be able to ever sleep.  But we would still have to have 2 different shifts because if we all worked at the same time then no one would ever be able to go shopping, unless robots are going to be the new workers.

Okay, I think you get my point. Day Light Savings is stupid! Good day! Lol.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Baby Names...

So I've been looking at baby names, for when we do have a baby. We've actually thought about it before, but we never came up with any definite names.

 We believe we have the boys name, but I'm finding the girls name very hard. I have names that I like, but he doesn't like most of them. But finding the time to sit down with him and go over names isn't easy.

I'm not sure if I want to tell people the names or not. You know how some people don't tell you the name of the baby until it is born. We haven't discussed this yet. Guess I'll ask him now. That way we'll both know. Lol. .. Ok well maybe I'll be able to get an answer later. He's a little preoccupied with a game that he doesn't get to play a lot.

He doesn't want to know the sex of the baby so we'll basically have to pick out some definite possibilities before or just have a name picked out for either, just so I won't accidently give away the sex of the baby. You know by asking, "What if it's a ____?" to much Lol.

I can't wait to start working on the room. I have some 'major' plans, but I don't have any of the things that I need. I have picked a neutral color (and no I don't mean a tan-ish color. I mean a color that will work for either) I have more ideas for a girls room, but if it's a boy I'm sure I'll figure out something cool to do *smiles*

All of the bigger items such as bassinet, crib, car seat, etc. are/will be neutral. Although I would really love to go all out girly for a girl, but I'm pretty sure my husband would figure out what all the pinks and purples meant. Lol.

I'm sure I will start getting things ready soon. After all if he doesn't want to know the sex of the baby then he won't be able to help out on the decor and I definitely want the room done before the baby comes home. And it's not like I'll be able to paint when I'm pregnant. Now just to find my ultra cool stuff that I need for the room! Here's to hoping that Walmart carries most of it!

Almost Sectional Time :)

So excited that after today we will have 1 payment left on our sectional. We should have the necessary things ready by the time it is paid off so that it can come home :) The more time consuming remodeling will have to wait, but it was going to be waiting anyways. And when it's time to do some of the remodeling we'll just move the sectional into the other room. I love having a roomy home it makes moving things so much easier!

Unfortunately we've noticed that a lot (ok, a lot may be an exaggeration) of people have our new sectional. It's a good thing I plan on changing it up a little :) No, I won't be tearing it apart or anything like that. But I will be changing the pillows with home made pillowcases. Plus once you think of it we all have a different color on our walls so that makes it look different and different amount of lighting in our house which makes things look much different. It is a little upsetting since we wanted something kind of unique that we'd never seen in anyone's home, but I know that out of the people I know that have it, we all have different styles. So in the end it will look different from everyone else's.

Oh I can't wait until we have the living room and dining room painted. Yes, we have already painted the living room, but it is getting painted a different color. Lol. We didn't know what kind of furniture we were going to get and now that we know we have to change the color. Sure the color we have (a light green. Not light like baby colors, but not neon.) would probably look ok with it, but I really don't like this color anymore so I can't wait. Lol.

Yeah, I think that's all I have to say about it...

Friday, November 4, 2011

2012 Come Quick! / Some Baby Rules

I absolutely cannot wait until the first of the year! I know it's going to be here before I know it, but it seems so far away. The more time I spend with good kids (yes, there are good and bad kids and most of the time it's the parent's fault) the more I want one of my own.

Now I must warn everyone that they will not just randomly stop at our house to see us or our baby. They will not be taking our kids to say the night unless we say and we definitely won't be doing that very often. No one will tell me how to do my job as a parent, if I want you advice I'll ask for it. I have certain styles of clothing I want for my children and certain styles I don't and I won't put them in something that I don't like. If you teach them something I don't want them to do, say, or whatever then I will tell you not to teach them that if I find out you're still doing it then you won't see our children, no matter who you are. ... And that's just the beginning.

Yes, I know some of that may sound harsh, but if I'm going to have this baby then it is mine and my husband's and no one else's. We are in charge of it. There's no tossing our children off to family. In a sense I guess it's like the saying "I did the crime, now I'm doing the time" More people need to understand that.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Soup Supper

Today is the day for the annual Soup Supper (a.k.a. Chili Supper) for Frankfort Covenant Academy. The soup is amazing and of course (as far as I'm aware) all the proceeds go to the school so it's for a good cause. This year it cost $8 a ticket. It is all you can eat and it allows you to take, I believe it said, 3 bowls home with you. That's pretty good for $8! It is normally held out at the fairgrounds, which lucky for us is just a couple minutes from home.

Currently I'm waiting on my husband to get home so we can go there and enjoy some of the delicious food. Hopefully we'll catch mom and Mike there, I'll probably call to find out when they'll be there.. or better yet since I'm on the phone I'll text. Times like this it would be nice to have a home phone, but I do love that on my cell I can be on the phone with one person, text someone else, and be playing a game or whatever all at the same time.
... Apparently my phone does not like my husband because I was talking to him and then it just shut itself off. Very strange.
Ok well, I'm going to continue to wait for my husband and I'll post something new later. Have a great rest of the day!

Babies, Babies, Babies...

I know that people have babies every day all over the world, but I'm still amazed at how many people I know or friends of friends are still having babies! There are so many! Actually someone I know had a beautiful baby girl last night, very close to midnight.

Once again you may notice that this post is about babies. Yes, if you haven't guess I do want a baby and I would prefer a girl, but if it is a boy then I will love it as well. For as of right now my husband and I are not trying to have a baby, but it has been talked about that possibly we will try in the near future.

We don't want a Winter baby so we are taking the month into the equation. We both would like to have a girl first so no arguments there. But since we have been planning this for about a year we do have clothes for both a girl or a boy. So when it's time we'll see what bundle of joy we end up with.

Now my husband would probably rather I not post anything like this because any of our friends or family can read this (or people that we don't know) So if any of you do read this, just keep it to yourself. I know of a few people who will remain nameless that have big mouths. I'd hate to have to be mean to these people, but I will be if necessary. I may seem nice and seem like someone that can be walked on and told what to do, but that just isn't the case. I refuse to be controlled.

But on a happy note. I can't wait for the moment when I find out I'm pregnant, and the moment I get to find out what the sex of the baby is, and then to meet that little person!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Random Wondering...

I find myself wondering how pregnant people feel.I mean just thinking about being pregnant makes me nervous, not because I'm not ready to have a baby, it's just knowing that when I do have a baby my whole world will change. Also knowing that if you get to stressed or have some sort of accident you could hurt that life growing inside of you. And not knowing what normal things in you life will change while being pregnant. Normal foods that you love you now can't keep down. And then when you finally get to the end of the pregnancy and it's the night before how weird, scary, nervous, joyous, excited,... you must feel.

Being pregnant, having a baby it is definitely not something to take lightly. It changes everything less money, more laundry, more trash, another mouth to feed, another person to watch over.. I mean seriously just stop right there. Another person to watch over. A little person who can't do anything for themselves, you have to feed, bathe, protect, love, etc. It's no longer all what you want or what your spouse wants, you have to take this little persons needs into account all the time. You HAVE to be there for them, there is no option.

I can't wait to have a baby, but I want to be sure that I never forget what a great responsibility it is.

Now I can wait on the whole getting sick all the time, being gassy, going to the bathroom all the time, lack of sleep, etc. But I'm sure it is all worth it in the end.

Any tips for my husband and I for when we decide to have kids? Any comments on anything I said? Or any insight on being pregnant and/or having a baby? Just leave a comment. I'll greatly appreciate it!

Impatiently Waiting..

Yesterday was one week since the hubby went in to fill out the papers and do the test for the possible new job, well, so far we haven't heard anything. They did say that they normally tell people 2 weeks, but I was really hoping to hear something by now. In no way am I giving up, I still think he'll get the job, but I just wish they would call already.
I'm sure you all already know how this feels. Sure maybe it wasn't a job, maybe it was a gift you'd been waiting for or a call from the doctor, but no matter what it was waiting just caused you stress. I could only imagine how much more stress I'd be having if it was a job for me and I was waiting for the call.
Please continue to help us pray that he will get the job and that we will hear something soon. Thanks and God Bless.

Big Oops..

I made my first skirt. I crocheted it! I was so excited when I realized that I could make my own skirt and so I did. It took me a while to make, but crocheting is pretty relaxing so I was ok with that. Before completely finishing I decided to try it on just to make sure it would fit and.. um.. oops, I made it to big! Which shouldn't be a problem. I'm going to put it in the washer and then it should shrink some, which should be just enough to make it fit. But hey it's my first skirt and making things is something you learn by trial and error. So this was my "trial version" and there was most definitely an error. Lol.