Friday, November 11, 2011

A Day To Hate

Well, that's exactly how I felt about the way today had been going. From the start of the day I just had a feeling that something was going to go wrong.

Today was the day that I finally got to pick up Toots from the Vet. Well, I got there and like normal told her who I was here to pick up and who I am, she added some things on the computer, and took my card to pay. After paying she went to get Toots and brought her to me, which was so exciting! She wouldn't sit still which I knew was going to be a bad thing. Once she brought me Toots she realized that they forgot to add her shots on the bill so I gave her the card so she could add that and asked if I could take Toots to the car, since she wouldn't sit still. ... Skip to leaving.

Once I was almost half way home I realized that there was blood on my hand, jacket, and on the carrier. It didn't take anytime at all for me to realize what had happened. She wasn't bleeding when we left the Vet. so I knew she'd done this to herself when she was trying to paw her way out of the carrier to me. When I finally found a place to pull over to check her paws I did, but once again she wouldn't stand still so I knew I needed help. So what did I do? I went to my moms.

While I held Toots my mom called the Vet to see what needed to be done. Since Toots wasn't dripping blood they said it should be okay and that if we wanted we could wrap up her paws for a little while. Well, we tried wrapping up her paws, which she actually stood still for, but after one flick of the paw it was off. So, I knew I couldn't put her back in the carrier, but I also knew I couldn't hold her and drive so I left my vehicle there and my step-dad took me home, my mom drove my vehicle back to me... I'm going to skip some more annoying, bad day making things...

Mom was going to be working in the office with me today so I drove us both to the office to work. I worked from 9:50a.m.-12:30p.m. when we went to lunch then from 1:30p.m.-3:00p.m. Part of which was taking a Cleaner home.

Went to Walmart to do the Bread job. That didn't take very long, which I was glad for because I couldn't wait to get back home to check on my Tootsie.

Came home to find that Toots had stopped bleeding so I held her and pet her then decided to try to let her roam around downstairs. Well, she did good for maybe 10 minutes and then she tried to jump on a chair and opened the wounds on her back feet when she landed. So back to the laundry room (where I keep her so she can't get hurt and can't ruin anything) she went.

Hopefully by tomorrow she'll stop opening up the wounds and she'll be able to roam around more. I'll definitely be moving the dining chairs so she can't hurt herself on those again. She's one of those cats who doesn't know the meaning of take it easy. She wants to run and jump just like she normally would, but of course she can't, she's a very uncoordinated cat, which isn't helping at all.

As weird as this request may sound to some of you please pray for Toots that she will heal up nicely and quickly so she can get back to her normal, everyday life. Thanks.

Oh, just incase you were wondering today is starting to get better, which I am very thankful for!

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