Friday, November 4, 2011

2012 Come Quick! / Some Baby Rules

I absolutely cannot wait until the first of the year! I know it's going to be here before I know it, but it seems so far away. The more time I spend with good kids (yes, there are good and bad kids and most of the time it's the parent's fault) the more I want one of my own.

Now I must warn everyone that they will not just randomly stop at our house to see us or our baby. They will not be taking our kids to say the night unless we say and we definitely won't be doing that very often. No one will tell me how to do my job as a parent, if I want you advice I'll ask for it. I have certain styles of clothing I want for my children and certain styles I don't and I won't put them in something that I don't like. If you teach them something I don't want them to do, say, or whatever then I will tell you not to teach them that if I find out you're still doing it then you won't see our children, no matter who you are. ... And that's just the beginning.

Yes, I know some of that may sound harsh, but if I'm going to have this baby then it is mine and my husband's and no one else's. We are in charge of it. There's no tossing our children off to family. In a sense I guess it's like the saying "I did the crime, now I'm doing the time" More people need to understand that.

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