Saturday, November 5, 2011

Almost Sectional Time :)

So excited that after today we will have 1 payment left on our sectional. We should have the necessary things ready by the time it is paid off so that it can come home :) The more time consuming remodeling will have to wait, but it was going to be waiting anyways. And when it's time to do some of the remodeling we'll just move the sectional into the other room. I love having a roomy home it makes moving things so much easier!

Unfortunately we've noticed that a lot (ok, a lot may be an exaggeration) of people have our new sectional. It's a good thing I plan on changing it up a little :) No, I won't be tearing it apart or anything like that. But I will be changing the pillows with home made pillowcases. Plus once you think of it we all have a different color on our walls so that makes it look different and different amount of lighting in our house which makes things look much different. It is a little upsetting since we wanted something kind of unique that we'd never seen in anyone's home, but I know that out of the people I know that have it, we all have different styles. So in the end it will look different from everyone else's.

Oh I can't wait until we have the living room and dining room painted. Yes, we have already painted the living room, but it is getting painted a different color. Lol. We didn't know what kind of furniture we were going to get and now that we know we have to change the color. Sure the color we have (a light green. Not light like baby colors, but not neon.) would probably look ok with it, but I really don't like this color anymore so I can't wait. Lol.

Yeah, I think that's all I have to say about it...

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