Saturday, July 31, 2010

Halo 3 Xbox 360

Playing Halo 3 with my husband and our friend Steven(Stevo), who had to be like right in front of the tv so we rearranged our furniture so he could do that. lol. Having a blast and for all you guys, yes, I do play Halo 3 I love video games and not just the girly ones :D Thank you, thank you!!! I know I'm awesome haha j/k

This is my husband's dog, Penny,which we've had for a year. She's a miniature pincher, which were made for chasing rats. She's totally spoiled by Miles and she's a HUGE pain in the butt.She's very smart, but personally I'd get rid of her if I could, for now I'll just have to deal with her. She thinks that just because she knows how to do something that she can do it and there'll be no consequence.I say a smart dog does what it's told. She clearly in that sense is not a smart dog. Example: We put her in a kennel at the apt when we left and she would undo the top lock and squeeze out. Therefore free to roam the apt and go to the bathroom on the floor, which she did often, even though she was walked and went to the bathroom outside. This is why I love cats, I'm definitely not a dog person!

This is Garfield, he's the oldest of our pets. I've had him for a while, around 7 years I think. He's a great cat, very loving,but you don't want him to be around other pets when he's in a bad mood. He has no claws, but he is a totally inside cat.

Friday, July 30, 2010

New Addition to the Family

This is my new kitty. His name is Scooter. Scooter was born on May 21, 2010 (so I'm told) We got him from a house that had a free kittens sign. A woman had taken him the night before, supposedly saw flees on him bathed him (which he's to young for) and then eventually after whatever else she tried brought him back... shaved, not bald, but shaved. She shaved everything on the poor little guy except his head and feet, but he's still very loving and I'm very happy that she brought him back so I could show him the proper love and care he needed <3

Deleted Posts

You'll notice I may have deleted some post so there's a weird white gap, but that's just because I've learned something aren't meant to be posted online, or I just felt totoally stupid for having it up so that explains those. :D

Home Owners

We recently bought a home on May 14,2010, which is very, very exciting especially compared to the apt we had in Lafayette. Now call me crazy, but I didn't like living in Lafayette, it can never compare to the small town of Frankfort, which so happens to be my home town. Sure the people are crazy and I'm related to most of them some how, but it's my town. And I think that even Miles is learning to have some appreciation for it. Close to my mom, step-dad, my dad, step-mom, my brothers (step-brothers), sister (step-sisters),... and we're only 15 min away from his sister (and her family) and 30 min from his parents. So it works out quite well.

Wedding Photo

So I have currently realized that I need some more creativity. I've never put a photo of me and my husband on here.. why? Idk.., but now I say why not? So there we are right after our wedding. Which was October 3, 2009, if I haven't said that before.