Saturday, July 30, 2011

M,C,G,& H Bowling (2nd time)

Last week (Friday) our bowling got cancelled due to the other party having a family issue, but this week we got to go bowling :) We went to our 'normal' bowling alley and afterward we went to Steak N' Shake.

Bowling: We played 3 games. I finally got to use my new ball and shoes! It was cool! There was a couple that had our shoes (she had the same as me, he had the same as Miles) I once again didn't bowl over a 100 I think my best was probably a 60 something. I seem to bowl better at Arrowhead, but that isn't where we bowl, but I'm there to have fun and I do so that's all that matters.

Steak N' Shake: We got the same waitress as last time, but this time she did good, the shake was wrong, but at least we got it this time. We all had a good time talking and getting to know more about each other. Lots of laughs.

Can't wait to hang out again. Probably going to be an every other Friday thing. Excitement!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Promised Pic/ New Bowling Stuff/ Free Kittens and Momma/...

As promised a picture of my new ring <3
Well, the picture isn't really that good, but it's a picture. 

Yesterday Miles and I picked up/paid for our bowling shoes and my bowling ball :) Oh, and a bag to fit both his and my bowling balls and shoes :) 
My Heart Themed Bowling Ball <3

My Bowling Shoes :)

Our Couples Bowling Roller Bag

Miles' Bowling Shoes :)
Pretty cool, huh? We thought so. We've been going bowling a lot and buying your own shoes means no renting so you get to pay less so as long as you bowl enough the shoes pay for themselves. Sure I may not be good at bowling, but it's something fun to do together or with friends. :)

I went to the Mall twice yesterday, yeah, I was very bored. I also went to Hobby Lobby, Gordman's, and T.J. Maxx. While I was at the mall (the second time) I bought a dress that was on sale and a pair of flip flops because my shoes were killing my feet. Also had something very embarrassing happen to me... yeah, I'll leave it at that. 

Currently trying to find someone who would like a free kitten, or 2 or 4. 2 black males and 1 black female (they have 1 or 2 white patches on their tummy) and 1 gray tiger female. Born in May of this year (2011 in case you didn't know lol) Also trying to get rid of their mommy. Just have to many cats. And we don't need another accidental litter of kittens. 

Anyways, hope you all have a great day :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday, Monday...

Today is Monday, your favorite day of the week right? Lol. Yeah, I know better. My Mondays are basically all the same. Sleep until, well anywhere from 7:30-9:00am, depends on how late I got to bed and/or how well I slept. Wake up, eat, watch some of my recorded shows on the DVR, clean up around the house, take a bath/shower, get ready, go to work, work, come home, clean and/or watch more on the DVR or just a movie,... wait on Miles to come home, eat, and then I just hang out with him. 

So far I woke up at almost 9am, ate some Totinos Pizza, watched Supernatural from the DVR. Next up is dishes and putting away some more junk that's just laying around. I really need to go through my stuff and decide what is really worth keeping and what is just holding me back from where I want to be. Guess it's kind of like what the professional people tell the hoarders on the show Hoarders : Buried Alive. So they write down questions and post them so when they going through things trying to get rid of stuff. Questions such as: Does this hinder you from getting where you want to be? or Will keeping this help you in your transformation to the new you? BTW I'm not saying I'm a hoarder because I most definitely am not, but I do have a lot of stupid things that hold memories for me so instead of getting rid of them I just keep them. It's time to start getting rid of things to become the person I want to be and to have the house looking the way I want it to look. Not that it's gross and dirty there's just to much stuff. 

Anyways, off to those dishes. Hope you have a great day! 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Subway, Work, And A Birthday Party...

Well, yes once again we had subway. Same sandwich, same toppings,... etc. That's basically all I have to say about that.

Work was well, work. I went, I signed in, I stocked, I signed out,... Here's the different part: Instead of leaving I had to buy a gift card for the birthday boy, then I left.

Yesterday was his actual birthday, but today they threw the party. It was Thomas' birthday party, he turned 7. He got some cool stuff, especially lots of stuff for art, mainly drawing. That went...well... yeah, lets just leave it at well. Anyways Thomas seemed to enjoy his birthday party and that's what matters.

Today I got my new rings :) But I'll post about that later, with a picture.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Bowling and A Movie

Today is Friday, DUH right? Well, as I've said before Fridays can be very busy. I've already been to the motel and Walmart to stock the bread aka work is officially done for me today. Now I'm waiting for my husband to get off work. Then we're going bowling and then going to go see Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part 2 :) Which I am SO excited to see!

Miles and I are hoping to buy me a bowling ball (he already owns one) and we hope to buy some bowling shoes (both of us) from the ProBowling place (whatever it's called)

I'm still waiting on his gifts (and my rings) to get here. They're all supposed to be here around the same time, which in my book isn't fast enough. Hopefully they'll arrive sooner than they estimated.

Currently (while waiting) I'm watching Harry Potter : Deathly Hallows Part 1 just so it is fresh in my mind for tonight :)

I also got to go to lunch today (Everything OK) and my brother and his wife and children were there. Which their two girls are no big surprise, they go every week. But since they came they brought my nephew :) He's such a cutie and oh my he smiles a lot now! And he's getting big and strong really fast. I'm sure he'll be talking and walking in no time!

I hope you're all having a good day! Enjoy it, every day is a blessing!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Ring Doesn't Fit! :(

Well, I talked about my gaining weight. But I don't think I mentioned that when I gained all this weight my wedding set wouldn't fit on my finger. So now I've bought a new ring at least until my old rings fit again. Not to say that I wouldn't wear the new ones too. After all why spend the money and then not wear them? As soon as they arrive I'll post a pic of the rings (on my finger) SOOOOOO excited!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Birthday Gifts.. And I Don't Mean For Me!

Last night I bought my hubby his birthday gift. It's something he's been wanting  (I'm sure this won't be his only gift). I'm just trying to think of other things that he's been wanting, well something that he wants that isn't a lot of money, but I just can't seem to find anything without asking him.

You may be asking, "Why not just ask him?" Your answer is, if I ask him then he'll know what I'm doing and we have this way of ruining each others plans so I have to figure this out without his help.

I won't tell you what I got him until after he gets it (just in case he decides to stumble onto my blog. Lol.)  He never reads my blog, but this would be the time he would take interest in it.

His birthday isn't really until the 25th of August, but if I don't get it now then it will sneak up on me and he won't have any gifts... not a good thing. Although he says he doesn't need gifts because I'm enough <3 How sweet!

Ok well... I'm getting off of here. I've got stuff to do. Hope you have a fabulous day!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Subway Again...

So, so glad that my husband introduced me to a sandwich that I love so much! I thought I'd never, ever like Subway, but now I could seriously eat it every single day, which is fabulous since it's so healthy (or supposed to be anyways) I get the same sandwich ever single time, but it's so good that I couldn't see going there and getting anything else. Unless I got a 6in of this and a 6in of something else... that's a thought.

Speaking of Subway being healthy, I did something else that is healthy. I made myself get up and exercise and it made me feel good :) Now hopefully I can remember how good it made me feel so I can continue to want to exercise!

Hope you're having a great day!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Insurance Company Incapable Of Doing Their Job...

I received a letter from the insurance company about a visit I had to the doctor back in January. In this letter (or whatever you'd like to call it) it asks me to send it to the doctor so he can fill out the bottom part because they think that I've been to the doctor for what I went in for before. Well, for one this was the first time I'd used this insurance so they shouldn't care if I've been in for it before or not, it's not like they paid for it and two I'd never been seen for this before. Oh, three I had never seen this doctor prior to this. And another thing they know the name of the doctor and clearly the doctor's office sent them the info so they should know the address and phone number, so why do I have to be the one to send it to the doctor? I mean seriously talk about a lazy insurance company, this is their job, not mine. DO YOUR JOB stop pushing it off on the customer!

Overweight and Under Motivated...

Though I think my title pretty much tells it all. I am overweight. I started gaining weight about 3 or 4 years ago. I gained 40 pounds, which put me overweight. I was basically at a perfect weight, no excess skin, no rolls on my stomach (standing or sitting), I had more energy, I didn't feel sick all the time,.. etc. I felt good about myself. Now I'm trying to buy clothes that fit for the time being, but I definitely want to lose the weight, but as I said I'm not motivated and I have like no energy. I don't really have anyone I can go exercise with, when I say go I more mean stay (Like play the Wii Fit, Yoga, Watch an exercise DVD, etc.) Of course I like to take walks as well, which I can do by myself, but it just isn't as fun.

So you ask, "How much do you weigh?" Well, I weigh 160 pounds, which luckily my weight hasn't went up. I've been at 160 for a while, but I used to be 120 and that's my goal. I want/need to get back to weighing 120.

Now you know, now it's out there. I'm just curious how long it'll take me to get back to where I want to be.

This is me now
This was me back then
Big difference. You can tell from my face.

Hope you're all having a great day!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cookies 'N Cream!

Yesterday Miles and I went to the fair. We basically only went for 4 reasons. 1. Hang out with mom and Mike 2. Miles first time going to the Frankfort Fair 3. Elephant Ears and 4. Listen to a christian band, Marker158, because mom and Mike know the singer/guitarist. They're pretty good. He writes most of the band's music. , you can hear a few of their songs, find out where they'll be playing live, find information on their merchandise (shirts and cd's), see reviews, etc. BTW the picture was just a random picture of the fair.

Miles bought me some icecream when we went to IGA yesterday :) Best ever, of course I could be biased since my dad worked there until he moved to S.C.

Today Miles has been working for my step-dad at one of his rentals. Tearing off siding and such.

While I was there I took a look inside and some of the paint had been ripped off the wall and I got to see what used to be there, which for some reason it fascinates me to know what used to be in these old houses.

I thought it was an interesting design. I'm not quite sure what it was since there wasn't a lot of it to see, but I think it was something like flowers.

Today for lunch we went to Everything O.K. with the in-laws and my sister-in-law. <3 Everything O.K.

That's pretty much been my day. Have a great one, all!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Excuse For Staying Up Late...

Miles and I stayed up late last night, which wasn't really that late. It was midnight. I'd been wanting to go to bed since somewhere between 10:30-11:00p.m., but Miles was like we don't have work tomorrow so we can stay up late. Ok now I know that's how a lot of people think, but seriously if you're like me if you stay up late than you sleep in and therefore lose most of your day off, which you should be enjoying. So no the whole we don't work tomorrow excuse doesn't make sense.

So since we stayed up late we didn't wake up until 10:30 or 11:00a.m.. Which means we didn't really get up to do anything (shopping, etc.) until around 2:00p.m.

Once we finally got up and got ready for the day we went to Walmart and got some groceries and other things that we needed and then to IGA for the things that Walmart didn't have.

We brought home the groceries, put them away, and then called mom & Mike to see if they wanted to go get some food, waited for a phone call with a yes or no, and then after receiving a yes, we went to Arni's.

Currently we are sitting at home watching Billy The Exterminator and waiting for mom and Mike to come and pick us up to go to the Clinton County Fair. This is Miles' first time going to the Frankfort fair. Our fair isn't that great, esp. not compared to the Lafayette or Indy Fairs, but at least he'll be able to say he's been to ours.

I'm sure we'll be leaving anytime now so I'm getting off here now. Hope you've all had a great day!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Update On My Life

So update on me and my life.

My hubby has been on a 2 week vacation, which has been pretty nice, but I feel like we've been to busy to really do anything we want to do, not that we didn't want to do some of the stuff we did. I love going to my niece's birthday party and bowling, going out to eat with family and/or going over to family member's homes to have lunch, etc. It just has all worn me out! I've wanted to take walks, but haven't been able to and we still can't today because it's way to hot out! I'd like to start painting my dining room, but we haven't bought the paint yet. There's a couch out in our garage that I'd like to try to get into our house and see if it's ok to use (been in the garage a while), but I can't carry it myself and Miles hasn't been willing to get it in here. 

Anyways, as I said before my niece, Adalyn, had a birthday party that Miles and I went to. They had hamburgers, hot dogs, mac n' cheese, baked beans, chips, cake, and icecream to eat. Lots of presents for Adalyn to open. While we were there we were informed that my brother and sister-in-law were selling their bassinet for $25 so we bought it which saves us money because the one I'd been looking at (just as an idea for when we decide to have a baby) was $80. They had only used it about 5 months all together so it's basically new :) So excited! 

We also went to my sister and brother-in-law's house one day for a cookout. The food was good :) And we had a good time. I also got some cute, free clothes out of it (Thank you, Shari!) 

We went bowling with a couple that Miles works with and we went to the theater and saw the new Transformers in 3D after we bowled. Had a good time there. Sadly the guys beat us in bowling. 

Miles took my to A Great Find and to Goodwill and bought me a few skirts, 4-5 shirts, and some baby clothes (once again just preparing)  Which I saw the shoes above at one of them and would have bought them, but they were to small for my feet.

Saturday we went to Indianapolis, Victory Field and watched the Indian's game with church people. While there I got to smell a ton of beer (none of which belonged to the church people), see way to many people who don't know the meaning of modesty, and I'm pretty sure the guys that came in about the 3 or 4th inning didn't have tickets to be there. Miles got us some bread sticks and cheese, sweet tea, dip n' dots :), a sandwich for himself, and chips and cheese (not all at the same time. Lol.) It was my first real baseball game, not really my thing, but at least now I can say I've been there. 

My in-laws took 2 of the kittens (Nafari & Ricky Bobby.. that's what we called them anyways) when they came over for lunch/supper. If everything works out they'll keep them and if not we'll have to either keep them or find a home for them with the rest of them (Well, all but Ray) I BTW did not cry, but I was very, very close to it. 

I've been looking at some paint strips that I have and I've picked a few colors that I think will be nice, say we're adults, but also be something that is still our style. Yes, I'm an adult, but not all of my fashion choices prove it. Lol. 

Well, I think that gets you caught up with all the things that have happened here recently. Hope you're all having a great day! (Even if it is WAY to hot outside) 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Freakin' Friday

I think the title kind of gives away what I think about today. BTW, yes, this is the day that the Lord hath made and it is a blessing, but that doesn't mean it can't be a hard day. So here's how it goes.

9a.m.-3p.m. : Work at the Motel

2p.m. scheduled, but worked at 3p.m.-4p.m. : Stock bread at Walmart

4p.m.-5p.m. : Walk around Walmart since there would be no point in leaving Walmart for 1 hour just to come back

5p.m.-5:15p.m. : Stock bread at Walmart

5:15-? : Drive home

?-6:15ish : Wait for hubby to get home/Take a shower/Clean out his car

Drive to Everything OK

Drive home got home around 6:40ish

Waiting for 7:15

Driving to Lafayette to go bowling (with people I don't know, explain later)

Bowling until God knows when

Then hopefully home!!!!!

Yeah, I'm ready for today to be over with. As for the IDK them part : They (a couple) work with Miles and I've never met them before. We'll outings in general make me nervous now there are new people which makes it much worse. So nausea here I am. To explain that nervousness makes me nauseous, but anyways I have to go now.

 Have  a great day!