Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Promised Pic/ New Bowling Stuff/ Free Kittens and Momma/...

As promised a picture of my new ring <3
Well, the picture isn't really that good, but it's a picture. 

Yesterday Miles and I picked up/paid for our bowling shoes and my bowling ball :) Oh, and a bag to fit both his and my bowling balls and shoes :) 
My Heart Themed Bowling Ball <3

My Bowling Shoes :)

Our Couples Bowling Roller Bag

Miles' Bowling Shoes :)
Pretty cool, huh? We thought so. We've been going bowling a lot and buying your own shoes means no renting so you get to pay less so as long as you bowl enough the shoes pay for themselves. Sure I may not be good at bowling, but it's something fun to do together or with friends. :)

I went to the Mall twice yesterday, yeah, I was very bored. I also went to Hobby Lobby, Gordman's, and T.J. Maxx. While I was at the mall (the second time) I bought a dress that was on sale and a pair of flip flops because my shoes were killing my feet. Also had something very embarrassing happen to me... yeah, I'll leave it at that. 

Currently trying to find someone who would like a free kitten, or 2 or 4. 2 black males and 1 black female (they have 1 or 2 white patches on their tummy) and 1 gray tiger female. Born in May of this year (2011 in case you didn't know lol) Also trying to get rid of their mommy. Just have to many cats. And we don't need another accidental litter of kittens. 

Anyways, hope you all have a great day :)

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