Monday, July 11, 2011

Update On My Life

So update on me and my life.

My hubby has been on a 2 week vacation, which has been pretty nice, but I feel like we've been to busy to really do anything we want to do, not that we didn't want to do some of the stuff we did. I love going to my niece's birthday party and bowling, going out to eat with family and/or going over to family member's homes to have lunch, etc. It just has all worn me out! I've wanted to take walks, but haven't been able to and we still can't today because it's way to hot out! I'd like to start painting my dining room, but we haven't bought the paint yet. There's a couch out in our garage that I'd like to try to get into our house and see if it's ok to use (been in the garage a while), but I can't carry it myself and Miles hasn't been willing to get it in here. 

Anyways, as I said before my niece, Adalyn, had a birthday party that Miles and I went to. They had hamburgers, hot dogs, mac n' cheese, baked beans, chips, cake, and icecream to eat. Lots of presents for Adalyn to open. While we were there we were informed that my brother and sister-in-law were selling their bassinet for $25 so we bought it which saves us money because the one I'd been looking at (just as an idea for when we decide to have a baby) was $80. They had only used it about 5 months all together so it's basically new :) So excited! 

We also went to my sister and brother-in-law's house one day for a cookout. The food was good :) And we had a good time. I also got some cute, free clothes out of it (Thank you, Shari!) 

We went bowling with a couple that Miles works with and we went to the theater and saw the new Transformers in 3D after we bowled. Had a good time there. Sadly the guys beat us in bowling. 

Miles took my to A Great Find and to Goodwill and bought me a few skirts, 4-5 shirts, and some baby clothes (once again just preparing)  Which I saw the shoes above at one of them and would have bought them, but they were to small for my feet.

Saturday we went to Indianapolis, Victory Field and watched the Indian's game with church people. While there I got to smell a ton of beer (none of which belonged to the church people), see way to many people who don't know the meaning of modesty, and I'm pretty sure the guys that came in about the 3 or 4th inning didn't have tickets to be there. Miles got us some bread sticks and cheese, sweet tea, dip n' dots :), a sandwich for himself, and chips and cheese (not all at the same time. Lol.) It was my first real baseball game, not really my thing, but at least now I can say I've been there. 

My in-laws took 2 of the kittens (Nafari & Ricky Bobby.. that's what we called them anyways) when they came over for lunch/supper. If everything works out they'll keep them and if not we'll have to either keep them or find a home for them with the rest of them (Well, all but Ray) I BTW did not cry, but I was very, very close to it. 

I've been looking at some paint strips that I have and I've picked a few colors that I think will be nice, say we're adults, but also be something that is still our style. Yes, I'm an adult, but not all of my fashion choices prove it. Lol. 

Well, I think that gets you caught up with all the things that have happened here recently. Hope you're all having a great day! (Even if it is WAY to hot outside) 

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