Saturday, July 31, 2010

This is my husband's dog, Penny,which we've had for a year. She's a miniature pincher, which were made for chasing rats. She's totally spoiled by Miles and she's a HUGE pain in the butt.She's very smart, but personally I'd get rid of her if I could, for now I'll just have to deal with her. She thinks that just because she knows how to do something that she can do it and there'll be no consequence.I say a smart dog does what it's told. She clearly in that sense is not a smart dog. Example: We put her in a kennel at the apt when we left and she would undo the top lock and squeeze out. Therefore free to roam the apt and go to the bathroom on the floor, which she did often, even though she was walked and went to the bathroom outside. This is why I love cats, I'm definitely not a dog person!

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