Wednesday, November 9, 2011

First Vet Visit For Toots

Oh, yes, I'm beautiful. Lol. 

So, of course, I had to take Toots to the vet today. She had to be there at 8a.m. This was, as it says above, her first vet visit. She was so scared that she shook the whole car ride there and meowed as well. She is getting her shots, declawed (front and back), and fixed (or broken, as my step-sister would say)  So she's having a horrible first visit and not only will she be poked and cut, but she has to stay there for 2 nights. I get to pick her up Friday at 8a.m. I can't wait to see her and I wish I could stay with her, but unfortunately I can't I'll have to go to work, but at least she'll be home with her Daddy (Scooter) and Uncle (Garfield) and she'll be somewhere she knows and be able to get comfortable.

They're supposed to call me when they get everything done and she wakes up. Which I know it's only been 4 hours and they have a lot of work to do on her plus waiting on her to wake up.. I have no clue how long all that takes, but I can't wait to get the phone call so I'll know she's okay. I'm sure she will be, but I worry.

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