Thursday, November 3, 2011

Soup Supper

Today is the day for the annual Soup Supper (a.k.a. Chili Supper) for Frankfort Covenant Academy. The soup is amazing and of course (as far as I'm aware) all the proceeds go to the school so it's for a good cause. This year it cost $8 a ticket. It is all you can eat and it allows you to take, I believe it said, 3 bowls home with you. That's pretty good for $8! It is normally held out at the fairgrounds, which lucky for us is just a couple minutes from home.

Currently I'm waiting on my husband to get home so we can go there and enjoy some of the delicious food. Hopefully we'll catch mom and Mike there, I'll probably call to find out when they'll be there.. or better yet since I'm on the phone I'll text. Times like this it would be nice to have a home phone, but I do love that on my cell I can be on the phone with one person, text someone else, and be playing a game or whatever all at the same time.
... Apparently my phone does not like my husband because I was talking to him and then it just shut itself off. Very strange.
Ok well, I'm going to continue to wait for my husband and I'll post something new later. Have a great rest of the day!

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