Tuesday, January 29, 2013

4M, You Know What That Means

My son is 4 months old! And if you know much about babies you know that means more shots. *dun, dun, dun* With Seth's last shots he was fussy for 3 days! 

They (whoever They are) say that if the first shots were bad then the second ones aren't so bad and vice versa. So hopefully this will be the case with him, but if not... I'm going to be in for some fun. 

He'll be getting these shots tomorrow. I'll Blog sometime after them and let you all know how the shots went and how he's acting after getting them. 

If you pray, please pray that he'll take them well. 
He's already been fussy recently. We think he's teething. My poor little guy. So you can add some prayers for Miles and I for some sanity in there too. Lol. 
He's always been such a happy, non-fussy baby so teething and shots are so hard for us because we aren't used to the crying. 

Well, I guess I should stop blogging (at least about this) because I'm running out of words to say on this subject, so away I go. I hope you have a fantastic day, even if it is a bit rainy and wet, at least it's a warmer day than we've been having.  

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