Monday, January 21, 2013

His Own Bed

For over a week now Seth has been sleeping in his crib! He sleeps so well in there. I think it's because he has so much room. He's started sleeping on his side every once in awhile, it's so cute he looks like such a little man. 

He doesn't wake up in the middle of the night wanting a bottle anymore *BIG SMILE*, but he does wake up around 5 times or so during the night wanting his Buddy (pacifier) put back into his mouth. Hopefully soon he'll learn that he can put it back into his mouth by himself so I don't have to wake up and trip over things to do it. 

It's so cute! He now wakes up in the morning and starts "talking". He's very loud about it so it's impossible to sleep through so once he starts talking I know that ready or not it's time to get up. Luckily he starts talking around 8a.m. so it's not to bad. 

I love that he sleeps in the crib so well, but I hate having to walk around my bed so many times to get to him. I can't talk Miles into switching sides of the bed so that it would be easier on me. Oh well, before I know it he'll be able to take care of all of his 'night needs' and I won't need to get up to help. I'm sure I'll be sad about that after I get over the initial, "Woo-hoo no more waking up in the middle of the night!"  

Lovin' my little Sugar! (I call him Sugar because he's so sweet!)

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