Monday, January 21, 2013

Gift Idea For Women

I have something here I know you'll love!
A simple, CHEAP gift idea for women.
Good for Birthdays, Christmas, or Just Because.

No, I'm not lying to you like the TV commercials. Why? Because I'm not asking for any of your money and I wouldn't do that even if I was. 
Although if you'd like me to set one up for you I'd gladly do it, but it'd cost you for the items and a few bucks for my time, but it'd still be cheap.

Still interested? Want to see it? Of course you do!

A gift basket. Yes, we see them EVERYWHERE! Truth be told a lot of us have thought I could do that myself for much cheaper, but we've never taken the time to do it. Well, we should have started a long time ago. I did this for $7. Yup, $7! And to finish it off as a gift all you need is either some of the plastic that companies use for theirs or you could do like I intend to do and use tulle.

Just go to Dollar Tree and pick up some nice Lotions, Body Wash, Body Spray, Bubble Bath, Candles, or whatever else you'd like to put in it. Pick up a basket of your choosing. Put it all in. Wrap it. Pretty simple, eh?

Let's be honest money is tight for everyone right now and though we love our family and friends we're all looking for a cheaper gift that is still nice.  This is it.

You could fill this with Bath Supplies, Cleaners, Candles and such, Candy, or anything else that will fit. And hey if you ever get one of these for a gift and have no use for the basket you could always use it for your next gift.

Everyone appreciates a gift filled with things that you can actually use so why not give it to them? We all have to bathe and clean house, so go for it.

Hope you like the idea and can use it for your own family and friends! Happy Gifting!

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