Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Seth's New Accomplishments

Seth has started a few "new" things. He's growing and learning so quickly. I'm so proud of him.

So you're asking, "These new things are....?"
Well, I'll tell you. Occasionally he will play in his ExerSaucer. He's starting to hold his bottle by himself more. Staying awake more and more. Rolling from his tummy to his back or from his back to his sides like a pro.  (He's rolled from his back to his tummy a couple of times, but doesn't feel like doing that any more.) We now put Rice in his bottle and he'll eat Baby Food.

Baby food we've tried Bananas = Big no he didn't like the taste, Sweet Carrots = Yes, Green Beans = Okay he doesn't really like the taste but he'll eat it, and I believe there was another one but I can't remember what it was. In about 3 days we'll be trying Sweet Peas.

So far no signs of allergies. Thank God! I pray he doesn't have allergies to anything, especially not food.

He's currently on his second/third-ish nap of the day. He went to sleep for his second nap, woke up for a few minutes, and then went right back to sleep. Lol. So that's why I'm not sure what nap to call this.

Okay well, I'm going to go back to my Bones and house cleaning now. Have a great day!

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