Monday, January 2, 2012

Safari (Born ?/?/2011 Died 1/1/2012)

 This is Safari and some pictures of her very, very short life.

We found Safari, she was a stray that came up to our house for food, since we feed the strays.

A little bit about her:
Name: Safari
Age: Around 18 weeks
Breed: Unknown
Color/Marking: Light gray with blackish-gray stripe and circle markings
Favorite toy: A purple fuzzy string thing
Favorite place(s) to lay: Boxes, papers, plastic bags
Favorite place to sleep: Cuddled up next to myself or my husband

 She loved to be pet and to be held. And she would purr. Oh my, would she purr. You would barely touch her and she would purr.
 She did this cute thing. Well, she did lots of cute things. But she did this one particular thing where she would be sleeping and she'd meow. Her own meowing would wake her up and then she'd be all upset that she got woke up. Eventually she'd fall back asleep and then she'd do it again.
 She loved to play. It didn't matter if she was playing with my husband or I, one of our cats, or by herself. She just loved to play. Actually she was playing just 30 min. before she passed. She played then laid down in a normal spot of hers in front of the coffee table. We heard a cough (Miles said he heard 2 within 10-15 min of each other, but I didn't), we checked on her to make sure she was okay, but she wasn't, she was gone. We tried to see if she was maybe choking on something, but we couldn't see anything in her mouth. I tried a type of CPR where I pushed her chest to try to pump her heart (which wasn't beating) and tried moving her arm like I'd seen done on Discovery Channel. We tried praying. Nothing worked.
 I had a dream last night in the very short amount of time that I actually slept. In my dream she was dead, but we had prayed over her, put her in the box, put her and the box in the garage (everything like last night) and then I went to sleep, but when I woke up I went to see if maybe, just maybe God provided us with a miracle and in the dream when I opened the door there she was walking around just waiting on me to come get her.
 So this morning I woke up, threw on some appropriate outside clothing and a coat, I unlocked the garage and looked around, but she wasn't waiting on me. She was in her box, just laying there.
I kept looking as I was walking to the garage door hoping I'd see her paw trying to reach under the door or that I'd hear her meow, but there was nothing, just a cold, dark garage and her lifeless body.
 It's hard to imagine that I'll never see her alive again. I'll never see her beautiful eyes so full of life. I'll never see her play, hear her purr, or get to cuddle on the sectional with her.
The happiest thing I can say is that she died in a nice warm house, in a comfy spot, near the people that loved her and not outside in the cold where we first found her.
 Here's to you Safari, the greatest cat I've ever known...

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