Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Scared For Someone I Know

Don't freak out it's nothing to terribly serious, like not life or death serious. But it's a serious matter of the heart. Someone that I've known most of my life, we aren't close or anything now, but I've known her is currently falling for another someone that I've known most of my life.

Now I've had my ups and downs with both someones, but I'm over it and I'm sure they are as well (at least I hope they are) But I know that she is a good person who loves God and I really want her to have a great guy in her life (that is worth marrying eventually) and I want this guy to have a great girl I really do, but I'm just hoping that he's matured and that he's really going to be in this relationship for the long haul and that he'll be marriage material.

I know that being marriage material and being married is no easy feat. There are a lot of things that go with being marriage material.
For guys: You must be capable of love, you must be trustworthy, won't cheat, keep a job, keep an apartment or house, etc.
For women: You are expected to know how to clean, cook, be a good wife, be capable of love, be trustworthy, won't cheat, sometimes women have to have a job which would mean keeping said job, etc.
It's not easy, but it is necessary. I really hope that they can have (at least) the most important necessities of being marriage material before they get married.

I love them both and I want the best for them both, but I just worry...

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