Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cat Saves Owner's Life Just Hours After Being Adopted

Cat Saves Owner's Life Just Hours After Being Adopted:

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Have I ever said how much I love cats? Well, I do! They're amazing creatures and I own 3 :)

They may not be like a dog who always wants to be around you, but honestly I can't stand dogs because of that (and other reasons). I like how cats are independent, but still on a daily basis come lay on the recliner with me.
The article above is about some cats who went 'above and beyond' to be heroes.

Sure you may not see loving on the elderly person before they die as a heroic thing, but if that person had no one else I'm sure they did.

See cats won't show you love if they don't love you so when they do love on you, you better appreciate it and recognize it.

Cats... amazing animals created by our Heavenly Father!

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