Monday, January 19, 2015

Day 1 of 40 lb weight loss

Day 1:
   I'm starting a few things to help me lose weight. Such as shakes in the morning, eating smaller portions, no (or at least way less) pop, and just eating less in general. If I seem upset it's probably because I'm starving!

Today's shake/smoothie/the thing I threw in the blender/whatever you'd like to call it has celery, carrots, blueberries, a banana, some milk, and a little bit of cinnamon.
It may sound gross, but for getting me fruits and veggies it's actually pretty good. I don't taste the veggies so that's a huge plus. I cannot stand celery or raw carrots! I didn't use a recipe I just started throwing some things in there and got something great. So not only will this hopefully help me to lose weight, but it will help me to be creative :-)

   Hopefully I can stick with this. My short term goal is 1 lb a month. My long term goal is 125-130 lbs. The short term goal not so hard. The long term kind of seems impossible to be honest.  If I keep with my short term goal that's 12 lbs a year which means I'd make my long term goal in... about 3 1/2 yrs. I hope it doesn't take that long, but I've been big for 5ish yrs so 3 1/2 yrs isn't to bad I guess, it's better than being big any longer!

    Any advice? Feel free to comment!

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