Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

Happ Valentine's Day! I hope you've all had a great day that you got to share with someone you love. 

I'm mainly doing this post because of an incident I heard of today. 

A 13 yr old boy spent his own money to buy flowers for a girl at school. Well when the girls mom came to pick up her up she made her daughter give the flowers back (rumor has it the girl was bawling, I wasn't there I don't know) she was forced to give the flowers back to the boy in front of half of their class. Which duh would be embarrassing for both the boy and the girl. So there's the incident...

And here's what I want to say... Let me give you some advice. If a boy gives your little girl flowers be flattered that there's someone who likes her. Flowers are not a proposal, he's just a boy with a crush on not just any girl, but your girl. Is it scary to you the parent, yes. No one wants their kids to grow up, especially not when they're getting close to dating ages. But what that boy did was sweet. If you don't want your daughter dating yet let your daughter keep the flowers but talk to the boys parents and just let them know that.  Tell them that the flowers were sweet, your daughter was excited to get them, but the kids can only be friends for right now. Don't embarrass not only someone else's child but your own too! 

This whole thing made me very mad and it wasn't even my son. I would have had a very hard time not punching the woman, my kid or not. Her reaction was inappropriate and unacceptable. Rant over. LOL 

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