Saturday, February 15, 2014

More Home Decor Wants!!

This  is a great Owl Bank in the beautiful bluish/teal colors that I'm doing in the house. I love it! 

The Owl Bookends would be so great to get my owl theme in on my bookshelf. 

There's a few Owl Mirrors that I'm interested in that could be put throughout the house. 

Beautiful Butterfly! Petrarch color to go with my color theme! In love! 

I love the black candle holder. It adds a bit of bling! 

This picture, to me, says warm and welcoming while adding a bit of color to the wall :) 

I wouldn't say that I LOVE this piece, but I do think it's cute and it has my colors :) 

Teal Based Small Globe. I used to hate globes, but I think it would add a bit of a manly look to my girliness. Obviously to me globes are more of a manly thing. 

Amazingly I found all these items at one store!
 I'm hoping to get some money so I can go in and start buying things to decorate the house more. Oh the money I need to get this place exactly where I want. But thank God I'm closer to getting this place where I want it than I was at our old house! 

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