Thursday, February 13, 2014

Shimy Shimy Shake

I took Shim to the shelter today. Signed all my rights away, signed that I understand that it's a not a no kill shelter. She's a very beautiful, great personality cat so I'm sure someone will take her quickly. 
I've prayed over it and prayed she'll get a great family that will keep her until she passes or until they do and she'll be an inside cat and healthy with a nice long life. 
I hope that whoever adopts her will post picks on Facebook so I can see her through the shelters page. 

I cried while I was driving away from the shelter because I really do love her and I wish we could have kept her, but there are enough bodies (human and pet) in this house for now. Maybe when Seth is older and can help with chores and such we might have the option of another pet or at least be able to foster animals through the shelter until they get a forever home. 

Miss my Shimy Shimy Shake

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