Monday, February 17, 2014

Using My Stuck Time

With all this time being stuck inside, I finally decided to do some online searching for home upgrades. I found a few things. Like a sofa, a ceiling fan, and I can't decide between 3 chandeliers I like.   

The sofa: 

I wouldn't have the striped pillows of course, which is fine because I don't really like them, but it does come with the white throw pillows :) I would also throw on some teal patterned pillows to go along with my color theme :) 

The ceiling fan:

I was looking for a white one, but I LOVE the look of this one. Plus I could always paint the blades white. 

Now for my chandeliers :

It's pretty, but not to much

It's gorgeous in all it's blinginess, but I'm not sure it will go with what I'm going for. 

And last, but most definitely not least....

It has my bling and my white, it's gorgeous and will definitely say this is a dining room. Pretty sure this would be the one I'd choose. 

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