Monday, February 10, 2014

No Water!?!?!

So here's my morning...

My house had NO water... Fabulous right? I thought that we had frozen pipes. 

Nope, come to find out a piece of whatever makes the water work was fried. Got that fixed. Still no water. 

Found out they think a part of my well is broke. So Mike (my awesome stepdad) called some people to come look at it/fix it. .... They'll be here tomorrow. 

So for tonight we have no running water in our house. Luckily we bottle up drinking water since well water isn't that tasty. And we'd aleady got water together in case power went out for days due to the bad weather and we needed to be able to flush the toilet. So we should be set until it gets fixed tomorrow, as long as it's a small problem, which I'm praying it's a small problem!  

Hey well issues and all I'd still rather live out here than in the city! Love me some country LOL 

Hope you're all having a great day, you and your running water! Lol. 

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