Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Internet Is As Bad As Television

Let me ask you a question. Do you remember when it was safe to turn on your television and get online and not have to worry about seeing half dressed people, nudity, and porn? I know when I was a kid it definitely wasn't as bad as it is today. It was still worse than it should have been back then. And let me tell you there's no reason that all this JUNK should be found on our computers, televisions, magazines,...etc!

And here's another question. Why should we have to be scared of our spouses, children, or whomever else might be on our computer or watching out television running into and/or looking at porn or nudity in general? It should NEVER be able to be found by anyone on purpose or by mistake!

Why must we always be so scared that our spouses are going to cheat on us? Answer: Because of all the sex that is 'in the air.' People talk about it at work, in movies, in songs, on the television (even the commercials!), on the internet, in magazines,....etc. Eventually they hear so much about it and see other men and woman (esp the half dressed ones) and the person they have at home no longer becomes good enough. They decide they need to 'experience' more from multiple partners. Well, that's just stupid! The person sitting at home can give you the same thing the person in the bar can, as long as you're not asking for something ungodly!

Want to know the answer? Because some disgusting people decided selling porn and nudity would be a great way of making money. They knew that the more a person saw it the more they would want and once they went through all the free stuff, paying for more would be their only option. I'm not saying greed was the only reason it ended up there, but it sure was one reason.

You know what's funny about this 'experiencing' that they want to do. Most of the time they start off with sneaking onto a porn site that just has pictures (something they think is small and that no one will notice), then they go to the sites that have videos (once again they figure no one will catch them), they start spending money on videos and pictures (maybe renting it from a video store or some place like that, so that they won't get caught), then they start looking for someone to 'experience' it all with (It's all a big no no, but this one really out does them all because you may not get caught at first, but you will get caught. It may be someone will catch you with this person or maybe your conscience will just eat at you until you tell the truth either way, you're busted). So we end up with married people cheating and single people fornicating, both BIG no no's!

What I want to know is who would be so sick as to threaten marriages and the purity of others for some money? Who would be so possessed by Satan to allow that to reach another persons eyes? I hate that people have such little respect for themselves that they will sell their bodies for the enjoyment (just to watch or to feel) of others. I also can't stand that you can't get open your own e-mail Inbox without finding something that shouldn't be there or if you don't have high enough virus and pop-up protection that you'll see pop-ups of porn.

Someone NEEDS to stand up and take all this impure and vile stuff out of the eyes of people. It's ruining homes, marriages, children,.... Why is the United States so far 'below the mark' of what it could be? Because people took out God, people stopped caring what God wanted and we ended up with porn, nudity, swearing, immodesty, carelessness, hypocrisy,...and SO MUCH MORE. So now those of us trying to live a good life with God in it have to constantly worry about what we are going to hear and see.

Do you know that if you see something it is permanently burned into your mind? You may eventually forget over time, but it's still there, tucked away in some filing cabinet in your mind and you never know when it'll come sneaking out.

Did you also know that after hearing something so many times you will more than likely become curious or interested in what is being said?

Just think about that, everything you hear and see effects your life. So why do you let all the junk in? Is your life and the lives of those around you not important enough to clear out all the clutter of life and to ignore/push away the bad and to cling to everything good.

There's only one thing left that's good in this world and that's God, so start clinging! Make this a better world for yourselves, your spouse, your children, grandchildren, and so on.

P.S. This is a subject that has bugged me for years and I just had to let it out.

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