Friday, May 27, 2011

One Night Camp Out, Good. Two Nights, Not So Much...

Confused? Yeah, I figured you would be.

Miles and I slept downstairs one night because of the horrible storms that were supposed to be happening all night, well they didn't happen, not here at least. Shockingly we woke up the next morning and we weren't tired or sore like we thought we were going to be. Of course we had like 3 comforters spread out on the floor and a couple of sleeping bags as well so that helped a little.

The next day the comforters were still in the living room and I got tired so I just curled up and fell asleep. Miles had asked if we were going to sleep on the floor again and I sleepily said that I didn't care, but I fell asleep like I often to when he is playing video games or we're watching a movie, of course I'm normally on the loveseat. I guess needless to say we slept downstairs again and I didn't sleep well like the first night, I woke up tired and very sore. I also woke up missing our bed very, very much!

I didn't feel good this morning so I didn't go work at the motel, but I had to work twice for Lewis Bakery. Luckily I was feeling better after sleeping for a few more hours, I called in and went right back to bed. Had a few hours to do whatever until I had to do the bread job once I woke up, so I played a little bit on the Xbox and watched a little on Netflix, went to work around 2:50, came back home, watched Miles play a game on the Xbox, then went back to work around 5:20, came back home,... Yeah, kinda a boring day.

Hope you're having a great day!

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