Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It Started Like Any Normal Day..

Today is a day to prove just how quickly things can change.

Today started like any normal day, for some of us that meant getting up, taking a shower, going to work,... or maybe getting up, grabbing a bowl of cereal, and watching cartoons. What was done isn't the point. The point is it was normal to us, we didn't expect anything bad to happen, but it did. It doesn't take long for one accident to change your whole life forever.

Today a very special and dear family to me (and many others) lost a loved one, his name was Chase. He fell asleep at the wheel and he wasn't wearing his seat belt. When he crashed he went through the windshield. (If any of this is wrong let me know and I will fix it)

He was a talented, young man of God. He touched many through his songs and his words. He was a friend to many and he will be very missed by those of us who knew him.

RIP Chase, we will see you again in Heaven.

Please pray for this family in their time of loss.

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