Saturday, May 28, 2011

Congrats Class Of 2011

Today is graduation day for many people I know and I am excited for them! Graduating isn't easy, or at least getting to Graduation Day isn't. It's stressful and often times you want to give up. I'm so glad that those of you who are graduating didn't give up, like I did. Graduating is truly a huge milestone! I look back now and see that I missed out. Yes, I have my G.E.D., but it really isn't the same. I didn't have to put all my time and energy into it, but you did and guess what, you made it! I'm very proud of you all and you should be proud of yourselves too! I hope none of you fall when you walk up to receive your diplomas and I hope that you have a fabulous day. Cherish today! Why? Because today you officially accomplished something huge!


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