Thursday, July 9, 2015

I Work Out

For a week and one day I have been working out via the Wii, Wii Fit. We've had the Wii and Wii fit for years, but I just now got back to it. I work out for at least 30 minutes, which on the Wii depending on what exercises you choose can take 30 min to a little over an hour. I started off burning a little over 90 calories and I've worked up to 145 calories. I do Yoga, Strength training, balance, aerobic, etc. They have workout workouts and they have ways to workout that seem more like games.

My weight has been shifting around like crazy according to the Wii fit board, but I don't trust it's measurements especially since we have carpet and that always throws things like this off. The Wii will randomly tell me during my workout that I've shifted weight between one exercise and another.. uh yeah, because that's possible.. Let me just pack on 5 lbs in a one to two minute span LOL

My stomach is getting harder, which for the time being hurts. My legs are getting stronger, but feel weak from being sore. My arms are sore.. not so sure about how they're doing strength wise. Lol. Even my *clears throat* .. bottom .. is getting toned up! Lol.

It feels good. I still find myself tired, but I'm sure when this extra weight is gone that won't be an issue so much.

As I said earlier I'm doing 145 calorie burn. That's what I've been doing the past 3 days. I'm going to stick at 145 for probably around a week so I'm not pushing to hard and then I'll go to the next level.. I'm not in front of the Wii or I'd tell you what that is.

I've had some motivation besides the normal just wanting to lose weight.

I have a friend who's really worked hard, he's lost weight, and he's working towards some awesome goals. He's a bit like me, he'd been on and off again many times with his fitness,  but he's stuck to it and it's really paid off. I believe he's even working toward becoming a trainer so that's awesome.

I have another friend who's supportive and honest and just a great person to have as a friend. Having support and honesty from someone you trust is a big thing.

I, of course, have the support and honesty of my Mom and I love her, but let's be honest sometimes it's easier when you have a friend over a relative to support you and be brutally honest with you, especially about fitness. Not that I don't love your input Mom! :-)

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