Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Prayer For Another

Sunday night at church the speaker, who is a missionary, was talking about tears and talked about shedding tears for others.

During altar call most of the church went up as normal and I couldn't get what he'd said out of my mind.

One person in particular was on my mind.

Now this woman is saved, around my age, and goes to my church, she was even there up in front with everyone. I happen to know that she's been having a hard time recently so it was no surprise to me that she's who came to mind.

As I was there in my pew I began to pay for her for the things that I knew that she needed. While praying I would occasionally look up to see her and how she was praying and reacting.. seeing if maybe I could tell by a reaction of something else she may be in need of.

Now I have no power of my own, but I know a God that does and I know he listens to our prayers.

As I was praying I could see that she was feeling what I was praying for her. I prayed for strength for her, that she would not feel alone and I prayed that God would wrap his arms around her and help her to feel His love... As I prayed these things I saw that she was crying more and more and I realized that yes she needed these things, but she really, really needed for God to fill her up so much that it's running over and as I said that she really began to pray and speak in tongues.

Seeing her getting what she needed filled me with so much joy and just made me feel so much better and more than that.. I just don't know how to describe that feeling. It was very rewarding!

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