Monday, February 11, 2013

It's All So New

Well, Miles went to work for his first day at his new job. 

Everything is going to be so different! 
Before he went to work while I was sleeping, now I have to watch him drive away. I know he's only going to work and he'll be back after, but I always get emotional when I watch him leave. 
He won't be home for dinner. I'll be here with Seth, maybe my mom, maybe at my mom's. At least he's close to home so he can get here fast and we can sometimes visit him for lunch.  

I'm concerned that as Seth gets older he'll start crying when Daddy leaves. I'm sure that will make Miles feel awful, but he goes to work for us, this family so that we can have our nice home, food, cars, etc. But how do you make a child understand all of that? Luckily I have awhile to figure that out. 

It's going to take awhile to get used to this all new routine. 

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