Friday, April 29, 2016

Fix My Face!

Anyone that sees me knows I have some facial issues; acne (like major acne) and a redness "butterfly effect" I've had this basically forever and looking in the mirror at my face has always been a bit hard to be honest.
I know that when some people look at me all they see is the blemishes. Since I've been at my job many people have openly asked and/or commented on my face. I once threatened to wear a bag over my head if another person commented on it. No, I never did this, but I felt like it. After so many comments and so many years of seeing my face this way I decided to ask my doctor about it. He thought it was possibly lupus so I had that checked and that wasn't the problem so he suggested that it might be rosacea, but that I would need to see a dermatologist for that. I needed to make sure I had been at my job long enough that it wouldn't look bad for me. So I'm about to my 6 months and I scheduled an appointment for a couple weeks after my 6 months.
So here I am less than a month away from my appointment and I can't wait for them to tell me what it is and fix it. I'll be very disappointed if they can't fix it.. I wouldn't wish a permanent case of whatever this is on anyone. Pray people, pray!
One way or another I've got to feel better about me!

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