Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Now before I get started I would like to say I love the holidays, even though what I'm about to say may make it sound like I don't. The Holidays are great, but since I'm not longer a kid I just can't wait until they get over. All the people in the way doing their last minute shopping, all the extra work that you have to do if you work somewhere like a bread store, walmart, toy stores,... yada yada. Not that the extra money isn't great, but getting out with all the snow and the people and everything is just a bit annoying. I'm not bad with people, but there's a limit and after that limit I just want to run people over with my cart and beat them up lol. I guess that tells you just how much of a homebody I really am though. The holidays just aren't as great once you grow up, the magic is gone. I wish that the magic was still there.

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