Wednesday, December 8, 2010


We moved into our house in May of this year and after a few months I noticed this black cat was always hanging around the house next door that was for sale. Well just a month or so ago a couple bought the house next door and the cat was still hanging around. Well I guess some time between when they tore the back porch off of the house and when they built the wall up the cat got in the house. Well one day when Miles and I had just gotten home we noticed a meowing so we checked to see where it was coming from and it was coming from in the house in the basement. The couple were still doing work to the house after all they're going to make it a barber shop, unsure if they're going to actually live there or not. So I kept waiting to see if I could find someone to talk to and after 3 days with no luck I remembered that the couple happened to be related to someone my family knows. So I call my step-dad and he calls this man and he gives us the go ahead to go into the house and try to capture the cat (after all the couple didn't actually buy the house, this man did) So we go in and we find the cat but it's in this whole in the basement wall that gets quite small so we couldn't get it. So we found a trap and set food in it to capture this stray cat. Unfortunately the cat was so smart that it just wasn't going to fall for it so they put on gloves and caught it the next day and I went over that morning to see if it had gotten caught. They told me the story and then told me that my step-dad had told them to ask me what to do, which of course I gladly took it off their hands. The poor thing was dirty and very light weight. After I got it home I brushed it, held it, got it some food,.. the normal needed things. After doing all this I took the time to really focus on it. So now I get to describe it. One it is a she, just so I can stop saying it! But she is a black Persian with beautiful green eyes and she barely weighs anything. She's very kind, but not a people cat. When trying to get her out of the cage she hissed, which scared me, but then I noticed that she was just hissing she wasn't trying to bite or claw at me, but just hissed. She didn't fight me when I tried to hold her, but just laid there on her back looking up at me. Her fur is soft and long and she's a very beautiful cat. Miles, my husband, of course informed me that could not keep her :( I didn't want to take her to the Humane Society or try to give her away until I had properly brushed and bathed her. So needless to say I've had her for a few days, which is a small amount of time, but just enough time for me to fall in love with her. I realized I would probably have her for a few days or weeks and wanted to give her a name for the time, no matter how short, that she would be in my life. Her being a black cat reminded me of my love of cats that I got from my grandma on my dad's side, which reminded me of a black cat she had years ago. So through all of this I came to the name Rambunctious, which was her black cats name. I am sad to say that I still haven't talked Miles into letting me keep her and tonight she will be going home with my father-in-law and will be put in their barn area with another cat and a couple of harmless (to cats) dogs, the area is almost always heated and the pets are always fed so I know she'll be taken good care of and with her not being a people cat she'll probably be quite satisfied. She'll be able to hide and won't have any people bugging her, but I will miss her and I will cry. I won't be able to watch her leave with my father-in-law. I'm not made to say goodbye :'( Maybe just maybe I can talk him into keeping her, but I doubt it and that is heart crushing (as Bones would say) My heart is heavy and so are my tears :(

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♫♪♥christine♥♪♫ said...

Well, for tonight and maybe a little while longer I have talked Miles into letting me keep her.. maybe not forever just for a while at least