Sunday, April 7, 2013

We're Moving!

I love our home. In the beginning I believed that we'd never leave our house. I believed we'd eventually fix everything up and get it to look how we wanted. Well, I was wrong. The longer we've lived here and the more I realized how long it was going to take us to do all these upgrades the more unhappy I got. I saw all these people upgrading their homes and it was depressing! God knew I was getting depressed about certain things, but I didn't tell anyone else, not even my husband.

What do you know God provided a home.. I think God had to do a little nudging LOL (Mom, you'll get that)! It has the major upgrades that I wanted! Amazing! It's closer to my mom :D, it has a big back yard for Seth to play in and for us to have family and friends over, it's in the country but still only 10 minutes away from everything, our neighbors won't be living practically on top of us like they do here, we won't hear the traffic,  no sharing the street in front of our house, or hearing the neighbor's annoying dogs, etc.! I'm so excited. And though I love our house I feel so much more at home in our new place. I can't wait until we officially move in. We do have to wait a month.. well, a little over a month, before we can move in. That's a bummer, but at least I can go through things and won't feel rushed to just throw everything in a box.

I'm going through things getting rid of the clutter. Deciding what we need and what we don't. What belongs in our new home and what doesn't really fit there. That's a long, hard processes. Hopefully I'll be able to give up the things that I don't need so our house can look nice and clutter-free.

They had a firepit that has fallen apart and I've been saying that I want a firepit so we'll be able to make a new one where they had theirs.

Plenty of room in the backyard! We can fit the grill, a swing, the firepit, plus so much more if we wanted to.

I cannot wait! Can you tell? Lol. When we get all moved in I'll post some photos to give you an online tour of our new home and our fabulous yard.

I hope you all have a great day!

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