Thursday, October 3, 2013

Another One of These Nights

Nights like these are so hard. You know those nights where someone (or something) is keeping you awake and you know you have to get up "early" in the morning? I say "early" because in my case it's about the normal time, but it's the idea of knowing that I can't sleep in, in the morning that makes it seem early. We'll I'm having one of those... I've had many of those recently. 

Seth does not want to go to sleep at an acceptable hour. I don't know why. And I have to let him sit in his crib and fall asleep on his own or he ends up in my bed around 12 or 1, which is maybe an hour or two after he falls asleep. I get until around 4 or 5 If he falls asleep on his own. 

Hopefully he'll sleep soon or I'm not going to want to get up or do anything tomorrow. And I have plans tomorrow :/

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