Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Shift Change.................

My husband signed up for a shift change at work, awesome! But this has been around a month or two ago.Well they finally found people to hire to take his place and so these people were being trained. First one left and never came back and then they got the second guy, awesome! Well now my husband informs me that they are postponing all shift changes! UGH! I believe he said its something to do with the drastic number of people coming in and people changing shifts. Don't  get me wrong I'm sure it's hard to keep track and train and get everyone where they're supposed to be, but I'm getting punished for it. 

Yeah, yeah "Way to make it about yourself" I know. But I am being punished because my son and I feel like we never see him (Seth can't talk but you can tell by the way he acts) Quite frankly it's depressing. Then you add all the other issues on top of it and yeah, I'm pretty glum. I know that he's going to go to second shift and that it's going to help, I know with time money won't feel so tight, I know that God will help us through all of this just like He always has, but as all humans, I want it NOW! 

Anybody have a Xanax? Lol.

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