Saturday, September 28, 2013

Baby shower and a birthday party

Today was a very busy day! I had a Baby Shower at 11am and then I had Seth's Birthday Party at 4pm. 

The shower was great. They did Autumn decorations instead of a baby theme and I must say it was refreshing. She is having a baby girl, which we all know girls are much easier to buy for and she got a ton of clothes! Including a dress we had bought I case we were having a girl... I had a hard time getting rid of that, but it will be so nice to see a little one in it.  She also got some pretty awesome things like a spoon that has an attached container that you put the food in and you squeeze it and the food comes onto the spoon and also a spa bath for baby! Food was great. And even though they didn't do games we all had a great time. Very, very refreshing! 

As for Seth's Birthday party I had to do all the major setup today. I had pre-made the runners for the table and had finished those last night, but all the tables had to be moved outside, the happy birthday sign put up, the food made, cakes baked (yes, I made our cakes), chairs put out, etc. it was a lot of work and we had a lot of family coming over, but it all went really well and Seth got some great gifts. Clean up is going to be a monster, but it was worth it for such a successful first birthday party. 
Seth had a great time digging into his cake, he ended up eating so much that he puked... Didn't help that he was running around. He really enjoyed playing with his nephew and nieces and with his new toys. 

Now I'm relaxing in my recliner so ready to go to bed, but sadly Seth is not... How normal lol. 

I hope you all have a great night and a blessed Sunday! 

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