Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Prayer of Jabez by Bruce Wilkinson

I just finished reading the book The Prayer of Jabez for Teens by Bruce Wilkinson. You may be asking this question. You're 23 years old, why are you reading the teen version? Well I'll answer. Because that's the version that my husband had before we got married. We don't own the adult version I'm sure it says just about the same thing, but with different examples so I'm not worried about it. Plus my burden is the Youth so why not read something that I may be able to use later in life for the Youth? 

It's a very good book. I believe every Christian should read it. This version is fairly short at only 104 pages and the book itself isn't tall or wide so that's why there are more pages. 

Bruce writes 6 chapters:
Little Man, Big Prayer
So Why Not Ask?
Born For More
The Power Source
Gladiator Lessons
  and last, but not least
Making Jabez Yours

There's also a Study Guide with Jabez Conversations, which from viewing is mainly for someone wishing to use this book for teaching a Sunday School class.  Which I believe would make a brilliant Sunday School lesson. Well it would actually make about 6 Sunday School lessons. 

Bruce talks about a few things that I'd never heard before, one being S.P.A.M., which stands for Spritual Preparation And Meditation. It says that the SPAM challenge is a week to 2 month challenge where you fast from secular books, tv, magazines, movies, and music. This fast like others is to grow closer to God, to take your relationship with God to the next level. 

In this book Bruce talks about using this prayer everyday and making it our own. He believes that sometimes God doesn't bless us even when He has a blessing He'd like to give us because we didn't ask Him too bless us. He also tells us to be aware that when you ask for the things from the prayer if Jabez that once you get them you might feel overwhelmed. 

You should really take the time to read it! 

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