Monday, September 23, 2013

Revival Out Loud

Josh Herring
Acts 5 
Revival Out Loud 

Last night at Christian Life Church (CLC) Bro. Josh Herring came and preached. He told us story after story, none of them were hard to believe although I'm sure some did find it hard. Stories involved spirits, Death, witches, dreams, testimonies. 

He didn't speak long before going into a what I'd assume was more like an old fashion Apostolic Pentecostal altar call.

God was in that place. Every person that had the Holy Ghost was speaking in tongues, people were filled with the Holy Ghost, baptized, released from addictions, and I'm sure there was some healings that I just haven't heard the testimonies from yet. 

I prayed to see people dance, praying facedown in the floor, healed of addictions, receiving the Holy Ghost, being baptized, and all the saints being renewed I'm the Holy Ghost, along with several other things... And guess what they all happened! 

If you missed this service you missed out on a great blessing, a great refreshing, a great renewing, and just an awesome move of God. Which makes me feel sorry for you. 

I'm expecting more services just like that one and even greater! I cannot wait to see what God has in store!

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