Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What Do You Mean You Can't Say?!

Have you ever noticed that there are some things in life that there is no tasteful or Christian way to talk about or blog about? 

Day after day I'll think of subjects that I would really like to be able to blog about, but there is no proper way to do so. It's so frustrating. 

These are just normal everyday things that range from being born to dying. Things we all do, but its just not something to discuss, no matter how important the subject. 

Example:Let's say I was sick and someone was to ask what my symptoms were and one of my symptoms was diarrhea. Would I tell that person that was one of my symptoms? No way, not unless it was a doctor or a very close family member. It's just not something you talk about. Most of us would answer stomach troubles or something along those lines. 

Anyways I just find it annoying that there are so many topics, some that are important (a lot more important than the above example) that I just can't blog about due to it being inappropriate.

Guess that answers why I don't blog as much anymore....

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