Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Aww They're So.... Annoying

Isn't it amazing how when a woman is pregnant everyone wants to hear posts about the pregnancy, see maternity pictures, hear about doctor visits, etc. and of course once the baby is born we all want to know the date of birth, time, weight, height, see pictures, etc. but have you noticed that after a few weeks or maybe a month we get annoyed at seeing all the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,... photos and statuses that they post about their baby? 

I know when I had Seth I was trying to be  very conscience of the fact that other people were excited for me, but they weren't as excited as me and that their excitement would fade very quickly. So I've tried to not post a lot of pictures of him ( or even myself.. Whole other blog post) because I know I don't want to see a ton of pictures of someone else's baby a month or so after they're born so why would they want to see mine?

I know of plenty of people who refuse to think about others. It's not like we can magically make your pictures go away that we don't want to see but keep the others. 

Point being try to remember that yes, we are excited for you, but not as excited as you and that our excitement will fade. 

Every baby does cute things and its always so much cuter when it's your baby, to you, but the person next to you is thinking "it was cuter when my baby did it".... True story. 

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