Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Rude Customer

Another rude customer. I'm working the drive thru and a guy comes through wanting some cigarettes so I got them and came back, rang them up, and he handed me the money. I went to count it and it looked 10 cents short so when I tell him what the cost is he starts cursing and asking what I thought he gave me and to count the money blah, blah... He'd given me a few dollars in cash and a couple dollars in quarters and hid a dime under all the quarters. I couldn't feel or see it. So I didn't think it was there. I moved the money around in my hand more than I previously had and of course it was there. Either way that guy was far to rude!
It was a rough day. Non stop people and he has to be a jerk about my questioning the amount he'd given me. If only I had the option to give him his money back and tell him to come back when he's learned how to treat people (an option I've had at every other job I'd worked.)
On the plus side the rest of the day went well. Just a bit busy.

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