Saturday, January 16, 2016

Who looks like a camel? This girl right here...

No body get mad, it's a joke.

I'm at work in the office area with my sister and our boss and in comes another employee. He looks to my sister who's checking in our order of cigarettes and says he needs some of (these, these, and these) so she hands him what he asks for, he turns around and sees me and turns back to my sister and tells her he needs some Camel cigarettes too. She hands him the cigarettes and he turns back to leave and I said, "Do I remind you of a Camel?" (or maybe I asked if he thought I looked like a Camel) and he of course says "huh" (or maybe it was "what") So I said you turned around, saw me and then told her you needed Camel cigarettes. I don't think he realized I was teasing, but us girls at least got a good laugh. Lol.
Thinking of changing my profile picture to a Camel just to see what happens LOL

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