Tuesday, September 30, 2014

He's 2!!!

My son is 2! Honestly I wondered if he'd make it to 2! I was never one to like kids and thought I'd probably turn out to be one of those women who accidentally shook their child out of frustration and cause it's death, but I didn't (Thank God!) I know that makes me sound awful but honestly there's only so much a person can take and that becomes way more obvious once you have a kid. If you haven't been there yet, just wait you'll see what I mean. Baby crying, your exhausted, can't calm the baby, can't even figure out what's wrong, ... It's a blast. 
Anyways he's 2, we made it! And before I know it he'll be in school :/ that just doesn't seem right!  But first let's get past potty training! 

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