Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Weary Breaders You're Not Alone

So like me I'm sure plenty of people are behind on their bread (bible reading) 
Currently I'm on May 19th. I've taken every spare minute that I get, well the ones I could read and know I'm not going to fall asleep lol, and I've read my bread. I'd say on average I read 2 days bread every day. Obviously some days are better than others. 
This is the second year that I've really tried reading the bible all the way through. Last year I gave up in sometime probably around May when I was still reading for back in February or March. This year I've decided I'm going to read it all the way through. I may not have it done at the end of the year like everyone else but I will officially read my bible all the way through this time. 
I have to admit it isn't my favorite read. I'd take a good mystery book or some teen romance novel (like twilight) personally. The Bible is kind of hard to focus on; weird words, words with meanings different than today's meanings, 50 billion names you can't pronounce, keeping up with which of those 50 billion names is affiliated with the others, places you can't pronounce, the weird bloody sacrifices, the "riddles", etc. In my book reading the Bible is definitely a sacrifice. I know people say it has mystery, romance, and all other book forms in it, but it's just hard to see that through all the, well don't take this wrong but, stuff. It's important stuff, but it's stuff. 
Anyways point being if you're behind, never read you Bible all the way through, have a hard time reading your Bible, etc. you aren't alone. 
Read it when you can, for as long as you can, eventually we'll have read it at least once all the way through before our lives end! I'm sure like most things it gets more interesting the more times you read it, you catch things you didn't see before, or understand something better than you did before,.... We'll get there! Lol 

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