Thursday, August 9, 2012

Doctor Appointment

So I met with the Nurse Practitioner, Vicki. I'd met with her before, but our last appointment together was to talk all about tests and such. This time she basically did all the normal things that the Dr. would do.. so I'm not quite sure why I saw her instead of my Dr., but oh well.
So she measured my belly (32), checked baby's heartbeat which was in the 150's, asked if I had any questions, gave me the answers, told me about my next appointment, and then I was done. I figured she'd go over my birth plan or something, but oh well.
So really nothing interesting happened at this appointment. BUT my next appointment I'll be back with my Dr. and she'll of course do all the normal things, plus check my cervix, do a test, see if baby is breech or not, if she can't tell for sure then they'll send me to get another ultrasound, and therefore I will know the day of my next appointment if I'll be having a c-section (due to breech) or not.

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