Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Morning Scare (Not Baby Related!)

So yesterday I woke up to a major scare! Want to hear the story? Of course you do! So here goes:

I since I'm pregnant find it easier and more comfortable to sleep on the sectional downstairs. So I was asleep and I woke up to hearing a cat hacking. Which it sounded like a normal cat trying to get rid of a hairball, but after what happened to our beautiful Safari *sad face* I always check to make sure that a hairball is all it is. Well I look around and I see Tootsie and Scooter so I knew it was Garfield and then I finally found him behind the sectional standing over his vomit. I as usual said something like, "Hey buddy. Are you ok?" And he just sat there. Next thing I knew he just slumped over from a sitting position to a laying position. I of course leaning over the sectional with my huge belly was trying to keep my balance with my left hand and I was trying to lean down far enough to pick him up with my right hand, but I couldn't reach down that far. I was able to get a hold of him, but he was completely limp so I couldn't bring him up to me. At some point before, after, or during, I don't remember, I tried massaging from his tail up to his shoulders in case there was something lodged that needed to come up, but that did nothing. So I continued to try to pick him up, while shaking out of fear and praying, "Dear God, not again!" After what seemed like forever, but was probably only about a minute or less he came to. Now I had/have no clue if he passed out or if he was dying. I couldn't really check for a heartbeat all I knew was he was limp. Well anyways, he comes to and just sits there for a second and then he gets up and walks out from behind the sectional and goes to his comfy spot in front of our front door. I, of course, got up and was saying, "Garfield. Garfield. Garfield, are you ok?" and it didn't even seem to register that I was saying anything to him. So I went over and picked him up and normally he would start purring right away, but there was no purring he just laid his head on my shoulder. Well, he completely terrified me so I really needed to go to the bathroom so I carried him into the bathroom with me and when I turned on the light he started purring, which made me feel better. So I sat him down so I could go to the bathroom and he sat on the rug for a minute then he started rubbing against my legs as he normally would, which calmed me down even more. And even though he was acting more normal again I took him upstairs with me into the bathroom so I could take a bath and keep an eye on him.

So there's the story. Yes, he's doing fine. There hasn't been anything unusual about him since. But we have an appointment with the Vet. today to get him checked out and get him some shots. Hopefully he's healthy and maybe he just passed out from heaving. I'd hate for it to be something more than that.

I'll let you know what they say...

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