Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Doctor Tomorrow

So I'm on weekly doctor's visits now and my next appointment is tomorrow. I'll be seeing the Nurse Practitioner and she'll be, of course, doing all the normal stuff and then letting me know if I have G.B.S. or not. And therefore if I will have the antibiotics in an IV during birth or not. If I do no big deal.
I'll let you know when I know. Also I will officially know tomorrow if I have to have a c-section or not, due to him being breech. So I'll let you know about that as well.
As for right now I'm off to work and to buy some milk :) Hopefully my dizziness will hold off.. yes, the dizziness has gotten worse and if I don't have this baby soon I'm going to ask my doctor to put me on maternity leave. My swelling has also gotten much worse. Bring on the baby!

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