Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fight The Frump

Sheila over at To Love, Honor, and Vacuum has been doing a Blog Series on Fight the Frump. She's been giving ideas on ways to Fight The Frump . So far she's talked about Accessorize, Choosing Lingerie That Makes You Feel Confident,  Finding Clothes That Fit and Flatter , and Get Dressed. I think every woman should read these, it may give you ideas on ways to make you feel better about yourself on a daily basis.

So I thought I would tell you some of the things that help me Fight The Frump.

Yes, I know it's so simple and it's a given that taking a shower makes you feel better, but lets be honest we're busy we don't always have time for a daily shower especially if you're a mommy who has to take care of a little one 24/7. So just throwing that one out there. 

As Sheila said the right clothes can always make you feel better. If you stay in your pj's all day you'll look and therefor feel like a bum. So get dressed. Wear clothes that fit (not to big and not to small. Know your size it's important.) And wear clothes that make you feel good about yourself. 

It's funny how something that no one else sees can make you feel better or worse about yourself. If you're wearing Lingerie that makes you feel beautiful and is comfortable that's one great way to Fight The Frump. 

Along with that fabulous outfit that you pick out make sure to pick out a great matching belt, watch, headband, purse, etc. Accessories are what really makes an outfit pop and can give you that positive attention that we all secretly desire. No one really wants to be invisible or just a regular Jane. You're clothing and accessories are like art, it's a great way to show your creativity and who you are. 

Some people might list hair as an accessory like Sheila did (maybe just to save time?), but I see hair as it's own thing. Especially if you have as much hair as I do. Most hairstyles that we do are fast and just to get our hair out of our way, but it doesn't make us feel good. So to Fight The Frump take the extra time to do your hair. A nice bun, ponytail, curl it, straighten it, or whatever. See I do this 'poof' and it's basically a pin curl, my husband think it looks like a fin and a lot of people may not like it, but I do and guess what since I like it and I like the way it looks I feel better about myself. So what some people may not like it, but if I'm not true to me who will be? No one. So be you, do what you like to make you feel good. 

Yes, most of those were already mentioned on To Love, Honor, and Vacuum, but I wanted to put my own words to it. So put on your deodorant, perfume, lotion up, and do whatever else makes you feel like a Million Bucks, you'll feel better and people will notice. 

Don't forget to go check out To Love, Honor, and Vacuum. The link is posted above so just click right on over. Check out Sheila's things other than the Fight The Frump as well, I'm sure you'll find many useful tips in many areas of your life. Have a great day!

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